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Nataliamontoya (Hidden) in the middle of the city, there is a somber area that seems abandoned. This is where the Fulton County Prison is located. Upon arrival at this immense and gloomy building we noticed that there were reporters of the main news channels. They are there for a sad case related to dogs. We are there to see dogs too, but from a hopeful perspective. Upon entering, a dense environment is sitting in the air. A tall and gray hall divides two spacious rooms with many beds. In one of them a man dressed in black and gray, in the other, several men with orange uniform and between the cabins, some boxes covered by blankets. Here the Canine Cellmates program is carried out, a foundation that unites dogs from the Fulton County Prisoner Animal Center. This program offers rehabilitation not only for dogs, but also for prisoners, who pass from principal prison at 901 Rice St. to an attached center. For a few weeks the prisoners coexist with dogs, they receive classes to train and psychological therapy. Things change at the time when dogs “there is a parallel among dogs coming from Fulton County and us from Rice Street: We have been abused and our lives are difficult, we are trapped and confined and still find this freedom, we are Rehabilitating each other and preparing us for what is coming. ” Patrickrodríguez enters the room where they train them. Everyone wants to proudly show what the dogs have learned. Lilly, a Boxer dog, jumps into the arms of her trainer. This is a new trick that Susan Jacobs-Meadow, Program Director, had not seen before. Leah is quite calm and had an excellent training. Who sees it today I could not believe the effort that cost her coaches from her to get to this point. One of them is Patrick Rodríguez, 25-year-old young of Mexican origin, who came to prison in July 2016. When the ambition was in college, he says, took him by a bad way I made a stupid decision, which not only me It affected me, but my family had a condo, two cars, and all that went. Photos: Miguel Martínez MH Leah was a difficult dog to train. With it, Patrick learned to have patience and every day he learns more of humility. Lilly is the first to show us the tricks of her.