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Between Ortho Stice’s departure and the appearance of the Moms, HaI had bent and straightened his ankle and watched the swelling shift under the layers of the sock. He got up and tried a few times on his ankle, then sat down again, bending and straightening it again, keeping his eyes on the swelling. Suddenly he was sure that he would go to the blower room to secretly toxin before showering, because he hadn’t thought of asking the shadow if they wanted to eat together, because Stice had missed dinner too. His viscera made noises that were reminiscent of kettles without a whistle that only grumble while cooking. No competitive athlete can skip meals without experiencing terrible metabolic problems. Shortly afterwards, Avril Incandenza, dean of studies at E.T. A., under the lintel of the

Through the waiting room and came in looking fresh and completely untouched by the heat. She had an orientation package with her in the usual red-gray flat file. The Moms inevitably built themselves right in the center of every room, so that somehow they could always be seen from all angles. It was part of her nature and therefore endearing to HaI, but it was noticeable and slightly strange. During a late-night round of family innkeepers, his brother Orin once described Avril as “the black hole of human attention.” HaI had paced up and down, stood on tiptoe of his left foot and tried to gauge exactly how great the physical discomfort he was feeling. At that moment she came in. HaI and the Moms always greeted each other in an over-the-top manner. When Avril walked into a room, every pace turned into a circling, and Hal’s pacing became slightly circular along the boundaries of the waiting room, while Avril sat down on the reception desk with his tailbone, crossed her ankles, and her cigarette case

pulled out. She was always very informal and almost manly when she was alone in a room with HaI. She watched him walk. “The ankle?” He hated the fact that he was exaggerating his limp a tiny bit. “Sensitive. At most painful. Actually just sensitive. ”“ Well, who’s going to cry? ”Cried CI. and knelt by the chair, from which little legs dangled and fidgeted. “I didn’t mean literally breaking, like we’re trying to crack your head open, Tina. Please let me tell you that it is only my fault, my darling, to have shown you what we are up to here with you in the absolutely wrong light. ”Avril had a 100 mm vial casually from the flat Brass pulled out and patted the tobacco on a wrinkled ankle.