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None replacement. In certain circumstances, the law exempts buildings from less than four units occupied by its owners, single-family homes sold or renamed without the participation of a real estate agent and housing administered by private organizations and clubs that limit the occupation to Its members These laws cover all types of housing: private houses, apartment buildings and all house transactions, including the rent and sale of houses, as well as mortgage loans.

Equal access to housing rental and property purchase opportunities is the basis of the federal housing policy of this country. Discrimination in housing is not only an illegal issue, but it completely contradicts the principles of freedom and opportunity that D e n D e m or s e n E n E n E n E n E / Washington, DC Tel. Deny to provide information about loans. Impose different terms or conditions to a loan, such as interest rates or differentiated fees. Discriminate in the appraisal of a property.

Refusing to buy a loan. Impose different terms or conditions to buy a loan. This prohibition of discriminatory advertising also applies to single-family homes and occupied by its owners who in other aspects are exempt from the fair housing law.

National origin Example 1: A building that has the policy of not allowing animals should allow a tenant to have a visual disability Keep a guide dog. Examp Lim 2: U Nedi fi code departments offered to tenants not allocated spaces for parking, should allow a tenant with DIFI Motor cultures to have a parking place located near their department if it is necessary to facilitate their access to it .

The protection of the family state also applies to pregnant women and anyone trying to achieve legal custody of one under 18 years. However, it is not mandatory to allow access to housing to people who constitute a direct threat to the health or safety of other people, or who use illicit drugs.