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Finally, Military. In the event that what is not found is possible to contact these companies and hire them. The authorities have compiled a list in which to search, by state, the agency with which you can contact to obtain information about the parent who do not pay in order to legally force it to payment or retain a monthly payment in charge of the payroll , what in English is known as Wage Garnishment.

Finally, it should be noted that there are companies that are dedicated to locating fathers or mothers who do not pay the maintenance of their children as ChildsupportRecovery, SupportCollection or SupportKids. They can always act in the case of sentence on the payment of the United States.

If the sentence is from another country, it depends on the case but many of them can resolve the situation. The address to contact the SSA is:. When a person disappears in the United States, the general procedure to follow is that the family or friend denounces the disappearance before the local authorities and subsequently a DNA test is taken to a family member and is stored in a FBI database. However, with migrants who disappear across the border usually that is not the case as they disappeared in many cases as they crossed illegal from sites away from cities and towns trying to avoid fences that separate the border.

Frequently families meet that neither the migratory police and the sheriffs raise a disappearance complaint.

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