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The concept of non-taxation without representation is born. The tensions between metropolis and colony were increasing.

Inspired by the ideals of the illustration, the American intellectuals began to raise the idea of ​​an independent America. Family of settlers for independence begins to form. In the town of Lexington, defended by militiamen, the fighting began. In May, a second continental congress met in Philadelphia and began to assume the functions of national government. On July 4, the Declaration of Independence of the United States is signed. The initial development was clearly of English domain, but its course would change when after the battle of Saratoga in, first great American victory.

The American rebels began to be a disorganized group to become an army in full rule, the continental army. Once independence was achieved, it was very difficult to agree on all the ancient colonies about whether they were still independent states, or met in a single nation.

After several years of negotiations, in, fifty-five representatives of the ancient colonies met at the Philadelphia Congress in order to write a Constitution. The Constitution was also drafted, and it will be convened elections that George Washington was elected first president of the United States under the new Constitution.

Independence and American democracy caused a remarkable impact on European and Latin America’s policy and politics. George Washington ruled with a federalist style. When the farmers of Pennsylvania refused to pay a federal tax on the liquor, Washington mobilized an army of fifteen thousand men to stifle the whiskey rebellion.

With Alexander Hamilton at the head of the Ministry of Finance, the Federal Government took over the debts of each State and created a national banking. These fiscal measures were conceived to encourage investment and persuade the private initiative to support the new government.

In, George Washington was succeeded by another federalist, John Adams, who was involved in an unlocked naval war against the France of Napoleon, the quasi-war.

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